IUXTA investigates the narrative possibilities of the network. IUXTA generates a user generated, augmented reality network will evolve across world. I invite you to participate in this multi-nodal narrative, a narrative that is always in a flux of fragmentation and recombination. Chapter 1 was presented as part of ISEA2013 and now Chapter 2 begins to evolve centred around Adelaide and ISMAR 2013

In IUXTA I ask you to help spread and embed my own personal and historical narrative into the physical world around us. Over time, this narrative will proliferate according to its own inner logic.

You can use the IUXTA mobile viewer to observe and listen to the narrative’s current state in real time and in relation to your own physical location. You can also use the IUXTA web app (not available on mobile devices) to explore a simulation of the narrative network. Physical locations where narrative nodes are concentrated are marked but not labeled.

The IUXTA app is now available on the app store and the google play store.


The Network is currently proliferating IUXTA:Chapter 2


  1. Download the IUXTA viewer from the App Store or the Google Play store.
  2. Put on your headphones.
  3. Run the app and allow it to find and render the IUXTA network around you.
  4. Spend time viewing and listening the network as it plays out around you.
  5. Add your own nodes to the network as you see fit.
  6. Return at a later time to see how things change as the network evolves, and how nodes compete with each other for space and narrative dominance.
  7. View and explore the local network as a whole using the IUXTA web app.

Note: Time scales in the augmented IUXTA environment are much slower than in the physical environment on which it sits. The transformation and evolution of the networked narrative is best observed over a number of days or weeks.

IUXTA is a project by Andrew Burrell

See also andrewburrell.net


IUXTA is presented by dLux MediaArts, ISEA2013 and ISMAR 2013

Thanks to all of my previous and current collaborators, whose various influences and ideas remain present in this current project. Trish Adams, Kerreen Ely-Harper, Warren Armstrong, Katherine Olsten and Chris Rodley.

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